2014 Mystery Quilt Along

Welcome to the Westside Quilters Guild 2014 Mystery Quilt Along!  Click on the links below to access the 2014 mystery.

2014 Mystery Intro

Clue 1 September

Clue 2 October

Clue 3 November

Clue 4 December

Clue 5 January

Clue 6 February

Clue 7 March

Clue 8 Reveal! 


  1. Joyce, I so appreciate your 2014 mystery quilt. It is my first mystery quilt. Can hardly wait to see the next clues. Thank you very much for this fun project. -- Becky Leitl

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  3. I can't wait either! In fact it is essential for me so I can finish my "masterpiece".
    Thanks for the fun!

  4. Oh my goodness Joyce I love it !!!!! I may have to make another one except a larger one. Thank you for all your work in creating this beauty!!!