Friday, September 1, 2017

The Oops Quilt

Have you ever made a quilt that defied you all the way? This is mine. Every year, I design a new quilt and teach a mystery workshop to the Westside Quilters Guild. I've also designed two "clue of the month" type quilts that we made on our Sewing Saturdays. I designed this Be Mine quilt, got all the instructions written, and started cutting. (Yes, I write the instructions first and test the pattern as I go for accuracy.)

I got all my cutting finished and realized I had too much fabric left over. Double-checked  the number of strips -- no, that wasn't it. Then it dawned on me... this quilt was designed using 2-1/2'' strips and I cut everything at 2''!!  So my class version of the quilt was a mini version. Ugh. It's a little embarrassing when the designer can't even cut her own fabric.

The second oops was my binding. It turned out wider than usual and my seam allowance was narrower. At this point, I just wanted it finished so I finished hand sewing the binding last night. While I love this quilt, it may need to find a new home. :)

P.S.: This year's mystery design has been much easier and I'm even including some new construction methods in the pattern. Looking forward to class on October 28!


  1. I don't think I've made a quilt yet that hasn't had at least one "Oops" in it. But after time, I forget what and where they were so all is good.

  2. It's gorgeous. It looks beautiful. Congrats on your Friday Finish!

  3. It is beautiful even if there was oops. I am looking forward to this year's mystery quilt!

  4. Oops! That's a great teachable moment for your class, too :) It looks lovely, in spite of being a little skinny!

  5. Nice quilt, either way. I Oops'd my way thru my son's wedding quilt(never try to figure out what size Triangulations you need at bedtime) so the quilt turned out much larger than planned. I used the extra oops parts to design a backing (which my son likes better than the front).

  6. Mistakes are the holy grail for me in quilting! I have learned so much by making them, that I could never want to have done any differently! Your quilt is beautiful!

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