Friday, September 22, 2017

Friday Finish

I was reading my old "Just Choose Three" posts and realized there are some quilts mentioned there that I never shared. Let me present Bending the Rules!

This quilt was a lot of fun to make and was inspired by the Denyse Schmidt solid fabrics shown here. I'd had the quilt designed for years but could never get happy with colors to use. As soon as I saw those fabrics at a Portland Modern Quilt Guild meeting, I knew I had my solution! 

I used the Aztec Wave pantograph designed by Patricia E. Ritter and Marybeth O'Halloran for the quilting. I love the movement it adds to the quilt. (No, I don't receive royalties from Urban Elementz... I just love their pantos!).


  1. Great quilt, and the pantograph quilting is perfect.

  2. Love it! The colors are so neat, and the black really compliments it. Your quilting is lovely.

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  4. I love the different colours you are using here.Makes it looks like a Domino.

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