Friday, August 18, 2017

Pineapple Quilt

I'm taking the time to share some finishes that were never shared on the blog -- like this pineapple quilt. I'd had this in my design notebook for years. I knew I wanted these colors, but couldn't decide on a construction method.

Creative Grids Mini Trim Tool to the rescue! I tried out four different pineapple rulers. They all worked, but this one was the most logical and simple for me.  I'm a huge proponent of finding the sewing method and tools that work best for each person.

I've already got another pineapple planned... even though this one is 3,600 pieces in a 48'' x 60'' quilt! The "logs" finish at 1/2'' wide.  It was densely quilted with an allover pattern called Melange by Patricia E. Ritter.

Finished size of the blocks is 6'' with an 8 x 10 layout. I've got a wall that measures 51'' and have really enjoyed making some quilts that just fit that space.

I apologize for my picture quality today, but you do what you gotta do -- I'm home by myself today (woo hoo!) and realized I really do need photo helpers. Thus, the quilt hanging on the garden shed door.  :)

P.S.: There is a Creative Grids pineapple tool that makes a much larger block, I just enjoy the little pieces. Happy Friday!


  1. Fabulous quilt. I dont usually love pineapple quilts, but I find to my taste because you have used the three colours only, but still scrappy! Great colour combo also, red and brown doesn't get enough of chance to shine.

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  3. That looks great! I think your photography is fine. More artsy hanging on a shed door than held up. :-) Oh, and I agree on the "woo hoo" because of being home along for a while. lol

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