Friday, July 28, 2017

A Quilt Finish!

My niece Dana got married on June 23rd and I knew the perfect pattern to make – Elizabeth Hartman's Dogs in Sweaters (Dogs in Sweaters pattern). 

However, Dana's little dog Autzen didn't look exactly like the pattern, so an edit was in order.  The pattern came out in June, so I knew it would be a time crunch to get it made as I had knee replacement on May 15th.  

Then came the edit of the dog pattern – Autzen was a not as long as Elizabeth's dogs, so that was easy to shorten up. The ears and tail had to change as well. I kept redrafting and sending pictures to friends until I got happy with the overall design.  
My friends and husband came to the rescue in a big way! Annette delivered University of Oregon fabric (and went so far as to replace fabric that was stolen from her car!). My husband agreed to take me fabric shopping right after a physical therapy session as the surgery was on my right knee and I wasn't driving yet. Here are my blocks:

Here's a picture of my niece with her Dad opening her gift after the wedding. Yes, I got it finished on time… the day before the ceremony! Dana and her husband Ryan love it. Woo hoo!

PS: I wanted the quilt to be a bit larger, so decided to add little blocks of the sweater fabric on the left side... my knee just couldn't take sitting long enough to sew more dog blocks.