Saturday, December 10, 2016

Parade of Pretties Part Two

Woo hoo, the storm has passed and we're back to our usual rain. Our last two winters truly haven't been bad at all, so I really can't complain about this one being so rainy. That east wind we've had the last couple of days just served to prepare us for our trip to Iowa later in the month. On to the quilts!

First up today is What's Up. Check out the C&T display at Quilt Market last month. My quilt is center stage with some pretty great company! 
This is such a fun quilt. When I originally designed it, I chose four shades of blue because I wanted a quilt that radiates. My color choices, unfortunately, didn't work nearly as well as they did when just stacked up together. Such a good lesson in strong contrasts. Off to the store I went. As soon as I saw the striped binding fabric, I knew I found my quilt colors.

The controlled colorway of this quilt is just two Civil War era reproduction fabrics. It feels like an optical illusion made out of very traditional fabric. 
⤎   ⤏
The second quilt for today is Snowbirds. Many of us have family members that live part-time in two locations. This quilt was made to represent the frozen north and warm south... with our hearts somewhere in between.
The alternate colorway, College Bound, celebrates schools and sports teams (Go Ducks, Go Packers!).  So many possibilities.  How about using wedding colors as a gift?
⤎   ⤏
Quilt #3 for today is Safe Travels. This quilt is shaping up to be a fan favorite. When people thumb through the book, this is where they stop.   This quilt was originally designed as a two-color quilt (that's actually the name of it in my EQ7 file). Red and white, that was it. It looked kind of plain, so I started coloring. That's when all the magic happened. Those grey units reminded me of the Wright Brothers airplanes and that's why I named it Safe Travels.

What's particularly fun for me about this quilt is that the alternate version is sooo different. When I printed out a blank coloring page so students could color their own design, I immediately saw flowers. Flower Garden was born (grown?). Yep, they are the exact same pattern!
⤎   ⤏
Last but not least is Wishing Rings. This sweet quilt is perfect for gifts--a great snuggler size. It's a quick sew with diagonal corners that give it a uniqueness not found in many patterns. Need quilts for a set of twins? This pattern is perfect for that. It goes together quickly, but looks much more complicated. 

I named the alternate version of this quilt Gears as it reminds me of a bicycle chain. The colors change it from a sweet quilt to one suited for the bicycling enthusiast in your life. 

I hope you enjoyed this little parade of pretties. Remember, if you need a book for Christmas, I can make that happen!


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  2. I simply liked the "Snowbird" design. I think I would try making something like this for my husband. He is so fond of such surprises.

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