Thursday, November 10, 2016

Mystery Fabrics

Every year, Bonnie Hunter of hosts a mystery project. I participated from 2009 through 2014 and loved the quilts. The only one I didn't love was because I used fabrics just to use them up. Bad plan. :)  Last year, there was lots going on with my life and I picked colors, but never really got going. And for the fourth time, Bonnie ended up picking the colors I used the previous year in her current quilt!

Here are last year's choices (navy, purple, green, neutral, and blue/grey constant:

I still love those colors, so here's where I'm headed this year (black, purple, green, blue; light grey background (they appear much more cream in this photo):

The "pop" is what has me stalled. My first instinct is cheddar, but friends convinced me to try this:

Looking at it this morning, it feels a little blah. So now I'm going to try this. I'm stacking up just one shade of each color and auditioning different "pops" of color. Who knows, I may have to break down and buy something.  

Nope, I LOVE the cheddar! No further auditions necessary. The cheddar I shared with friends yesterday was much more dull. If I decide to participate, these are the colors I'll use. The decision is still an "if" for me because I'd like to get several new patterns written.  Some are quilts that have already been tested and some are new. Woo hoo!


  1. I agree and love the cheddar as your pop! The pink is not enough of a pop in my opinion.

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