Thursday, August 4, 2016

Stars Upon Stars -- Month 1

My little bundle of fabric finally arrived and I tore right into it!  Once I read the instructions, I was a bit disappointed we were making such a small bit of the quilt. Boy was I wrong. I'm so happy all we did was a small bit!

Working on this corner allowed me to practice on every single component of the quilt. I made notes in my pattern about what I did differently that worked better for me. I made a paper-pieced pattern for the sashing. I had templates made at Tap Plastics of the small and large diamonds so it would be easy to cut and trim pieces.

This is not going to be a rush-through-it quilt, that's for sure. I love the results and can't wait for next month. No, I haven't sewn these parts together yet. I'll wait for the whole quilt to be finished to get happy with the balance of colors.

Stay tuned!

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  1. I am making this quilt also! I have the stamp set from and just received the pattern from Edyta. Im going to read everything on your blog before starting. So glad you posted this bc it really helps to learn from someone who has actually made it. Your quarter block is stunning!! Love it! Amie :)