Tuesday, August 2, 2016

C&T Publishing

My first book was published under the Kansas City Star imprint and they were great to work with.

Right after I got a contract for my second book, however, I found out that Kansas City Star (KCS) was closing its doors. C&T ended up buying KCS and I got a new contract for book #2.

Last July I started making quilts like crazy... six quilt tops in 26 days! I don't recommend that pace EVER.

I have to say I've really enjoyed working with C&T and they have made me feel like I'm part of a huge extended family. When my brother Dan passed away, an office full of people who have never met me signed a card full of caring and compassion. It was very touching.

The experience has been different as well. With KCS, I worked with one editor and really got to know her. With C&T, I've worked with a bunch of editors. Different style, equally enjoyable. Turns out that the technical editor (Nan Powell -- you rock!) on the second book is the same person who edited the first, I just didn't know it.

If you'd like a second sneak peek at the new book, head over to C&T and see what my production editor Jennifer Warren had to say about this quilt:

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