Thursday, July 21, 2016

Quilt Conundrum

I've followed Moda Rosie's quilting career for quite a while now and always find her entertaining and informative. I even bought fabric from her one time that was languishing in her stash… and it's doing the same in mine. I think I have a plan for it, but we'll see. (Moda Rosie is aka Carrie Nelson and Miss Rosie of book and pattern fame.)

One of her ideas really hit me, though, about collecting layer cakes for scrap quilts. I thought that was genius!  If a pattern calls for one blue fabric, ten may work just as well.  As you can see below, I've taken her advice to heart. These are all Civil War reproductions that will blend well with other fabrics in my stash.


That original fabric purchase?  

Yes, I've taken these apart several times to play with them. My first idea was French Kisses by tracyjay quilts.

I've had several ideas since, but think I've settled on HappyDance by Me and My Sister. I'm going to add a narrow background sashing between the blocks to make construction a bit easier.

I'm also going to change the number of blocks so this can go to Camp Erin (a free bereavement camp for kids aged 6-17 who have experienced the loss of someone close to them). Each camper also receives a teddy bear with a hand-knit outfit and I plan to donate my quilt and bear as a matched set for the 2017 camp.

But wait, I just saw this Arabesque quilt on Moda Bakeshop:  

 But wait, there's more! How about a Layer Cake Lattice quilt? This is the one, the final one. J

Maybe this is why the fabric is languishing… I just keep finding great patterns!  Oh well, back to the drawing board... or cutting table in my case. 

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