Monday, February 15, 2016


I am loving the sunshine these past two weekends! Last week at Lincoln City for Mike's woodcarving meeting and this weekend visiting my brother Dan and his wife Kay in Prineville. The picture below is a view from their deck:

Next weekend is a guild retreat at the Oregon Gardens. Yes, I'm hoping for more sunshine! :)

Saturday, February 13, 2016

In Control

There are so many things in my life right now that are out of my control (the cancer and dementia of two of my siblings and my upcoming book release to name just a couple), that I really felt the need to control something.  That something for me is my quilting and knitting.

I took an honest look at all of my fabric, sorted a lot out for a sale, then got busy writing a list of all the projects I have started, the kits I own, and quilts I want to make in the future. This list was never intended as an "I need to finish 'x' number of quilts this year." It really was intended to help me focus. Two friends, Annette and Donna P., agreed to join me in this journey.

It all started simply enough with a worksheet that looks something like this:


The whole idea was to capture where I am with my current and future projects. 

Project = simple description or quilt name or fabric type
Mat = do I already have the material on hand, or at least the majority of it?
Start = have I already started this project?
Blcks = are the blocks all made?
Sash = is all the sashing attached to the blocks or rows?
Top = is the center of the quilt top finished?
Brdr = are all borders on the quilt?
Back = is the backing ready for the quilt?
Quilt = has the quilting been completed?
Bind = is the binding on the quilt?

Yes, there are columns I could have added such as basted and labeled, but for the three of us, these are the categories we chose based on our quilting styles. I typed up my list in Excel so that I could sort and re-sort as I added and removed projects.

My list contains 72 projects. Yes, 72!  I'm okay with that. Several are quilts that just need bound; many more are future projects that I'd love to make. I will admit, though, that moving things off of this list is a bit more rewarding than I anticipated. I'm off to the store to buy some gold stars. :)

How about you, what would you have on your list?