Wednesday, November 18, 2015

To Mystery or not to Mystery?

Last year I invited friends over every Friday during December and January so we could sew on the current Bonnie Hunter ( mystery.  I didn't love the finished quilt, even though I loved my colors. It was just too busy for my style. I also used the exact colors that Bonnie is using this year! That's happened twice now.  So, do I play along or not? Here are some of my block units from last year:

One friend is going to work on Bonnie's Carolina Christmas quilt. She owns the book and knows what it will look like, but I still had the mystery pattern and gave her the cutting clues so she has everything cut and ready to go for each week. She will sew along every Friday with a new clue.

This is a picture of one-quarter of my Carolina Christmas quilt. It was her mystery in 2009. It is in Bonnie's book, Scraps & Shirttails II, available on her website:  

Several friends have said they're not going to do this year's mystery. I'm leaning toward a one-quarter size quilt so I can play along and be excited about the clues without committing as much time this year.  I've got a lot of fun sewing to catch up on since I spent so much time in pattern writing this year. Our daughter is coming home for Thanksgiving as well, so I definitely won't be starting on time.

If I decide to play along, I'm leaning toward the following colors:

Bonnie                                     Me                              
Black                                      Navy
Red                                         Purple
Gold                                       Green
Grey                                       Grey blue
Neutral                                   Neutral

What do you think? Are you playing along this year? Are you using Bonnie's colors or have you changed things up a bit?