Friday, June 12, 2015

A Friday Finish!

Woo hoo!! I finally finished something!  I've been working on a fabulous, tedious, awesome quilt for the Westside Quilters Guild show in October. When you're one of the featured quilters, along with Elizabeth Hartman, you kind of feel the need to "up your game."  I'm hoping to have that top finished by the end of June, but I did manage to get something else finished -- a pattern!

I made this darling quilt and taught it as a class last year at Ocean Waves Quilt Camp (which will be held October 28-November 1 this year). However, I never finished the pattern.  After presenting it as part of a program at the Mid-Valley Quilt Guild in Salem, it was time to put it on the top of my list. It's really nice to have something finished! Have a fabulous Friday!

Today I'm linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts and Confessions of a Fabric Addict.  Check out their sites for more Friday finishes.


  1. You should be proud of yourself. it's a lovely quilt!

  2. Beautiful - love the colours!

  3. It is a gorgeous design and I love the colours you chose for it, great work!

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