Thursday, January 22, 2015

Organizing Patterns

A post on Facebook this morning made me think about how I organize my patterns. It's a little easier to explain with photos, so here goes. I collect patterns from magazines, buy PDF downloads and paper copies, etc. but needed a better way to keep track of all of them. I'm also working on my second book and need a good way to keep track of what I'm doing. I designed a Word document to act as a Table of Contents for all of my patterns. (I'm only going to display my own designs here as I don't want to worry about copyright issues.) As you can see, the table includes a thumbnail sketch of the quilt along with pertinent design information. My patterns are scanned and saved as PDF documents on my computer and it's easy to retrieve the one I need once I know what it looks like! One bit of advice here... be sure to back up your computer on a regular basis. Ask me how I know.  :)

You can use different categories that suit your tastes. The great thing about using a Word document is that you can sort the table by size, by category, by name, etc. I'm sure this same thing can be done with other software, I'm just most familiar with Word. Hope this helps!


78" square
Bed size

Grandma's Surprise
36" square

Father's Day
68" x 85"
Bed size

Trick or Treat Bags
12" x 15"
 Gift item


  1. Quilterchick - thanks for posting this on my question with Quilt Along With Pat Sloan. Great suggestion! Now just have to find time to scan! Great website and you have wonderful patterns. I've printed all the clues for the Quilt-a-Long and can't wait for February's!

    Cheers - Julie