Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sunday Stash Report - Week 25

How did this happen?! I added 12 1/2 yards of fabric to my stash this week! I'm starting a new round robin project with friends and bought a few half-yard cuts to throw in with my center (shown above), then a local store had a 35% off sale and I knew they had a red that I've been wanting for quite a while, then, then, then…. you know exactly how this goes! I think I'm going to impose a bit of a moratorium on fabric buying until I get to Houston for the quilt market and show. I've never been to the Houston Quilt Festival before, so I'm pretty excited!

There has been a bit of sewing going on this week, mostly testing a block and binding three quilts. My husband is attending a wood carving camp next month and I'm going along with my sewing machine. I've got a great project all ready to go and it will use up over 20 yards for the front and back. Getting that complete will really help my numbers. My goal this year was to sew 200 yards and have a net number of at least 100 yards. I'd better get a wiggle on it!

Sewn this week: 29 yards
Sewn year-to-date:  146.5 yards
Gifted year to date: 54.5 yards
Added this week: 3.5 yards
Added year-to-date: 72.75 yards
Net sewn: 73.75

Today I'm linking up with Judy over at  Check out her blog to see how everyone else did this week. P.S.: My block is based on a Bonnie Sullivan block in her book Happy Trails (2005).


  1. I love the Houston Show and goo every year! I hope to see you there.

  2. Yes, I DO know exactly how it goes. But at least you purchased with a purpose. I'll look forward to seeing how your round robin goes. I've never had the courage to try one -- or maybe I'm too particular ......

  3. I'm thrilled you will be joining in Flags of the American Revolution! You are a no-reply commenter so I wasn't able to contact you directly.