My life-long love affair with sewing began when I was four years old. I told my mother I knew why the sewing machine was called a Singer – because it hummed! I took sewing in home economics, but didn't really begin to love sewing clothes until I was in my early 20s. I began my sewing career tailoring men's suits in the Portland, Oregon, area. After a move to Waco, Texas, and finding a quilt shop inside of a converted carriage house, I was hooked!

One of the greatest joys of quiltmaking for me is helping students recognize their talent and instilling in them a love of quilting. My favorite times are when a student, of any age, insists they cannot be successful. The more skeptical, the better! I haven't met a student yet that couldn't be successful given enough different ways to sew the same unit. 

I've been teaching quilting for 15 years and designing quilt patterns for 10. I began teaching by volunteering at a local alternative school and teaching teen moms to make quilts for their babies. I was honored to be the featured quilter at a show in my adopted hometown of Hillsboro, Oregon, (95,000 residents). My husband and I are the proud parents of two adult children and a lovely daughter-in-law who joined the family in 2011.

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