Friday, August 11, 2017

Challenge Quilt

My husband and I just returned from a month-long road trip…. we had a great time visiting family and friends across 14 states! Long times in a car also allow for the mind to recharge and refresh and I realized I've got lots of quilts to share on Fridays! When you're sewing for a book, or new pattern, or guild challenge, you can't really share much. I've got some new patterns in the works, but for today I'd like share a challenge quilt.

The Westside Quilters Guild is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year and their challenge was to use ten solid fabrics in a quilt approximately 36'' square. At the same time, I was the featured quilter for the Krazy Horse Quilters Guild in Pendleton, Oregon and their theme was "not your grandmother's log cabin". I've had a pieced log cabin quilt designed for years and this seemed the perfect time to blend the two challenges.

The quilting is panto pattern Ba Da Boom by Patricia Ritter. I bought it from Urban Elementz. I'm open to naming suggestions for this quilt if you've got one! For now, I'm calling it the 2017 Challenge Quilt. Brilliant, right? :)


  1. Cool, design using Log Cabins and Hsts.

  2. Fly Away Home, Fly Away for the Flying Geese, and Home for the Log Cabin. It's just beautiful!

  3. "Vibrations" ....your quilt just vibrates to my eyes.

  4. What a cool design and use of color. I like Ursula's idea of Vibrations, but what about "Good Vibrations."

  5. Stunning, simply stunning--whatever you call it!!

    1. Thanks, Mona. I work with Civil War fabric a lot, so this was quite a departure for me!

  6. This is a fantastic quilt, Joyce! Your colors just sing. I want to put in my vote for "vibrations". The quilt really does ripple.