Friday, April 17, 2015


Friends -- what would we do without them? I recently came across a couple of childhood photos that remind me I've always been surrounded by strong, kind, loving women (even when we were little girls!). I'm grateful that I'm still surrounded by strong, kind, loving women. Friends who make me laugh when bronchitis is kicking my rear, friends who call me out when I'm being less than kind or impatient with drivers, and friends who love me even when I'm not good at staying in touch.

My birthday is Christmas so I never had a traditional birthday party when I was young. One of my sisters-in-law decided to fix that with a September party that included a trip to the Portland Zoo and overnight at her house. (Thanks Laura!)

Now my slumber parties are disguised as quilt retreats! Less giggling, more laughing. Still surrounded by friends. I feel very blessed.

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  1. So, are you the one with the nurse cap in the top photo?